The Power of Creative Selling:
A Classic Selling Philosophy by EARL PREVETTE

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According to the author...

"AT THE BEGINNING of our thinking together on this most timely subject, The Power of Creative Selling, I only regret that it is impossible for me to be in your home or office, to discuss with you, face to face, what I have writ-ten. However, in preparing this book, I have taken you into my complete confidence. My purpose has been to visualize myself in your shoes.

I realize that many books on selling are dull and uninteresting. In fact, you grow tired and weary trying to read them. I have therefore asked myself many times: Is what I am writing interesting? Is it instructive? Is it inspiring? Is it getting over the right idea? 

Every idea advanced in this book has one objective in view: your interest. Will it stimulate you? Will it instruct you? Will it inspire you? Will it increase your understanding? Will it contribute to your growth? Will it help you to be a bigger man and a better salesman?

Creative selling is both a science and an art. The science teaches you what to do, and the art teaches you how to do it. Creative selling is the ability and art of increasing the satisfaction of the prospect by convincing him that the thing you want him to buy will best fulfill his needs and desires.

In fact, it is creating a want that did not exist before. Creative selling is an individual accomplishment. It embraces you and the power within you to think and to create. These qualities and attributes are individual, and no one but you can develop them. Therefore, my purpose is to help you to develop them by drawing on the latent forces within you.

During the past 42 years it has been my good fortune to talk to thousands of people in all kinds of business, in all walks of life, in all kinds of places, and under all conditions. In that time, I have sold both tangibles and intangibles by every conceivable selling method. I have been able to combine first-hand knowledge with experience and to make a first-hand study of the actions and reactions of people. 

I have studied their behavior, and this has given me an insight into their temperaments, dispositions, ambitions, aspirations, attitudes, likes, dislikes, wants, and desires. Combining all this information, I have incorporated the best parts of it in this book.

The Power of Creative Selling is more than a book. It is an entirely new plan of selling, setting forth proven methods for creating more sales, earning a larger income, and enjoying more peace of mind. It is not the work of a theorist in an Ivory Tower, but of a stern realist who has encountered all the problems and heartaches that you are encountering, and who has solved many of the situations that are perplexing you at this very moment. 

In my years of experience, combined with reading, analyzing, and researching, I have learned what is necessary to influence people to buy—plus what it takes to keep them as friends. It is impossible to put in the Introduction the many things this book can do for you. To do so would be to incorporate
the context itself, because every page has a message. 

If you will read what follows and apply to your own life the powerful principles set forth, you will have a workable plan of creative selling that will really get results and enable you to sell anything".


This DVD is a masterpiece of selling techniques & philosophy in ebook form by best-selling author Earl Prevette. 

A master salesman during his time, his treatise is still being studied and applied today by businessmen and people who have seriously chosen salesmanship as career.

Among his famous quotes:

"Enthusiasm is one of your greatest assets. It is better than money, power or influence – with enthusiasm you become the master of these"

"The law of nature is: Do the thing and you shall have the power."

As salesman 70 years ago, Earl Prevette sold more than $10 million worth of insurance policy through cold calling. Please note the figure was quoted 70 years ago! 

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